Vitamins Good For Toothache

Vitamins Good For ToothacheToothaches and gum disease are usually only related in that they both occur in the mouth. They’ve, in general, very different causes and for that reason will be discussed separately in this article. The classic toothache is nearly always caused by nerve pain due to an exposed nerve root. While it’s true that receding gingiva can expose nerve roots, causing tooth pain, another scenario is that of a filling worn down or fallen out. Gum on a regular basis will make fillings come out more rapidly, avoid it if possible. Typically a toothache requires a trip to the dentist, however there a number of treatments you can access relatively easily if you cannot see the dentist right away.

Firstly, avoid very hot or very cold foods or beverages, like hot coffee or ice cream. In addition, avoid hard to bite foods like raw carrots or apples. Delicate pressure onto the hurting tooth throughout the cheek might provide some relief. You might also to keep a warm wrung out towel against the cheek or jaw over the painful area, or a castor oil pack. The castor oil pack is a wonderful tool for pain alleviation anywhere. Simply apply a generous layer of castor oil to the area that hurts, cover with a layer of saran wrap then apply a hot towel or heating pad to the area.

vitamins for teeth painBe cautious not to burn the skin. Rest with the heat on for at least 20 minutes. The castor oil stimulates blood drainage of the blood congested with microbes, in case of infection, or with pain producing elements, like cytokines, in case of dental nerve irritation. Castor oil is available in most health food stores. Among the simplest and most effective natural painkillers, specifically for toothache, is clove oil. Many dentists still use cloves oil in their offices where stronger analgesics, like Novocaine, can be avoided. You can rub the clove oil directly on the painful area inside the mouth.

Dilute it with olive oil if it’s too strong straight. You may also hold a whole peg of clove in your mouth at the site of the toothache. The numbing sensation will kick in quite rapidly, and will last up to 90 minutes. Even though not really as effective as clove oil, garlic or myrrh oil can be locally applied for pain alleviation. Wintergreen oil works too and so does Aloe vera juice, particularly if the pain is accompanied by inflammation or obvious irritation. Another trick is to roll a small amount of beeswax onto crushed aspirin, or aconite powder if available, and stick this little ball of medicine onto the tooth that hurts. For those prone to homeopathy, which works particularly well for children, these are a few classic toothache remedies: Belladonna 6X every 15 minutes until you get to the dentist especially if the pain is accompanied by fever and\/or bright red cheeks.