Vitamin C Foods And Drinks

Vitamin C Foods And DrinksWhat do locally grown potatoes, citrus fruits from the south and tropics mangos have in common? If you said vitamin C youd be correct. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamin C. Read on to get the scoop on vitamin C. What can vitamin C do for me? Vitamin C has a very busy job! Vitamin C can help to! Absorb the iron from plant foods. Keep your gingiva healthy. Protect you from bruising and can help to heal cuts and wounds. Produce the tissue that holds muscles and bones together. Form and repair blood, bones along with other tissues.

Possibly reduce the potential risk of some cancers and might prevent the aging signs because it’s an antioxidant. Daily Vitamin C needs – Age – Vitamin C mg\/day – 1-3 years – 15 – 4-8 years – 25 – 9-13 years – 45 – 75 – 65 – 90 – 75 – Pregnancy 19 years – 85 – Breastfeeding 19 years – 120 – Smoking – Add 35 mg to your usual daily needs – Getting the vitamin C you need for the day is easy. Have a glass of orange juice at breakfast, some sliced red pepper with dip for a mid-day snack, and a cup of garden strawberry for dessert.

vitamin c foods and drinks listFollowing Canadas Food Guide will assist you meet your daily vitamin C needs. Our bodies don’t store extra vitamin C. Whatever we do not need or use, will be removed in our urine. Which implies that every day we need to eat meals which are rich in vitamin C to make sure we get what our bodies need to remain healthy. Too little vitamin C might result in skin bruising, bleeding gingiva, poor healing of wounds, lose tooth, tender joints and infections. Good sources of vitamin C – The best sources of vitamin C are fruits and vegetables. Other groups of food don’t contain much vitamin C. Food – Portion – Vitamin C – Red bell pepper, raw – 1 whole – 312 – Green bell pepper, raw – 1 whole – 146 – Strawberries, raw – 1 cup\/250 mL – 95 – Kiwi – 1 medium – 75 – Grapefruit juice – 1cup\/250 mL – 70 – Broccoli, raw – cup\/125 mL – 61 – Mango, sliced – 1 cup\/250 mL – 45 – Tomato, raw – 1 medium – 16 – Potatoes, cooked – 1 medium – 15 – Romaine lettuce, raw – 1 cup\/250 mL – 14 – Tip: When reading a food label for vitamin C, an excellent source may have more than 30 mg of the vitamin per serving. An excellent source may have at least 18 mg of vitamin C per serving. Myth .1: Taking vitamin C will assist prevent a cold – The start of winter also means the onset of cold and influenza season.