vitamin c deficiency can lead to

Vitamin C Deficiency Leads To

Vitamin C Deficiency Leads ToVitamins are essential and essential for your life. These are organic materials that are required in small quantities for your body growth and metabolism. This article will concentrate on the importance of vitamin C, D, E, P and K and their natural sources. Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid. It’s a water soluble vitamin. It’s vital for tooth, gingiva and bones. It promotes strength in the arteries. It can help to heal the ulcers. It increases resistance within the body. It’s an antioxidant. It prevents poliomyelitis. Its deficiency produces scurvy. A few of the main sources of vitamin C are sweet fruit and citrus fruits and green leaf vegetable.

It promotes vitality, vigor and youth and efficiency in work in an individual. D vitamin is a fat soluble vitamin. It’s vital for growth of bones. It’s required for proper absorption and use of phosphorus and calcium. The deficiency of the vitamin in kids produces, thin and weak bones called rickets. In adults its deficiency produces osteomalia and caries of teeth. Sunlight is the major source of D vitamin. It’s also found in milk. E vitamin is believed to be an anti- sterility vitamin. Its deficiency leads to frequent abortions and it’s useful for metabolic process of fats. It controls catabolism.

vitamin c deficiency can lead toIt prevents diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, thrombosis, asthma and bones degeneration. E vitamin is found in veggies, sprouted wheat and dried fruits. Vitamin K regulates the normal blood coagulation and regulates prothrombin level within the body. Its deficiency causes bleeding or hemorrhages within the body. A few of the natural sources of vitamin K are green and fresh leaf vegetable. Vitamin P is also called Bioflavonoids. It’s essential for maintenance of blood vessels and normal blood pressure level. It’s found in veggies and citrus fruits.

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