Sources Of Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 or folic acid, also known as folacin and folic acid, was first recognised as a dietary substance for chicks in 1938. Later it was found to be essential for other animals and human beings too. D.Spies, who found it to be efficient in the treatment of anaemias relating to pregnancy and tropical sprue. These findings were subsequently confirmed. Folic acid is a yellow, crystalline substance, sparingly soluble in water and stable in acid solution.

Nevertheless, it undergoes fairly rapid destruction when heated in neutral or alkaline substances. Factors that harm this vitamin are sulfur drugs, sunlight, and food processing. Folic acid is absorbed along the entire duration of the intestine, even though the fasting of the small intestine is the primary site for its absorption. About half of the folic acid stored in the body is in the liver which contains 5 to 15 mg\/kg of liver weight. A small amount is excreted in the faeces and urine, but the additional quantities are presumed to be metabolised and also lost by cells coming off in scales from body surfaces.

Vitamin B9 Benefits – Functions in the Body – Folic acid, coupled with vitamin B12, is vital for the formation, maturation and multiplication of red blood cells. Folic acid helps in the building of antibody which prevent and heal infections. Folic acid also improves lactation. Vitamin B9 F rich foodstuffs – Bulses and legumes like Bengal gram and green gram are rich in folic acid. Green veggies like am lanth, cluster beans, spinach, and mint are valuable sources of folic acid.

In addition to green leaves, folic acid is found in gingelly seeds, and meat. Vitamin B9 Deficiency Symptoms – Deficiency of folic acid causes anaemia which frequently occurs in pregnant females and kids. Serious skin disorders, hair loss, impaired circulation, a greyish brown skin pigmentation, fatigue, and mental depression can result from a lack of this vitamin. Reproductive disorders like spontaneous abortions and difficult labour, and a high infant death rate might also be caused by folic acid deficiency. Vitamin B9 deficiency can also lead to loss of sexual libido in males. According to studies, two thirds of geriatric patients were found to be deficient in folic acid, while one 3rd of psychiatric patients were also deficient in this vitamin.

Lack of folic acid might also lead to dementia. Virtually all the anticonvulsant drugs utilized in the treatment of epilepsy reduce serum folic acid concentrations. Nevertheless, when it’s utilized to treat megaloblastic anaemia, the epilepsy can be aggravated. Therefore folic acid even in gout too should only be taken under medical supervision. Leave your comments – The cancerous tumor in Marcus Muhich’s liver weighed 8 pounds and was almost a foot across.