Sources Of Vitamin B8

Exercise is an essential activity by which individuals can burn excess weight in their body. Nevertheless, not everybody has the liberty and the capability to indulge in frequent aerobic forms of exercises. For such individuals one possibility is to take supplements and herbs which might help their body burn the excess weight. Nevertheless, it’s significant to keep in mind that such supplements can never be a complete replacement for exercises. This article discusses one such so called vitamin supplement which offers a number of advantages to the human body. Phospholipids work as cellular mediators for signal transduction in our body along with contributing towards body growth and metabolism functions.

This supplement is synthesized in our body using Glucose 6 phosphate. Inositol is available from natural sources and may also be made from synthetic sources in laboratories. Along with Choline, Inositol helps in removing fat from the heart and liver, and also produces Lecithin. Lecithin is a type of lipid that’s accountable for the production of cell membranes and also helps in absorption of Thiamin and A Vitamin within the body. Aside from Myo Inositol, other forms of Inositol include Inositol Hexaphosphate, D Chiro Inositol and Inositol Hexaniacinate\/Inositol Hexanicotinate. Sources Of Inositol – Our body produces Inositol using intestine bacteria that help in converting Phytic Acid found in plant fibers to Inositol.

Similarly, Myo inositol is made from glucose-6 phosphate and converted to phosphatidylinositol. Phosphatidylinositol is among the most crucial components of the cell membranes. Benefits – Inositol or Myo Inositol offers many health related benefits to the humans such as promotes healthy hair growth, prevents eczema & Psoriasis, prevents bipolar disorder & panic disorder and transports body fats to different organs effectively. However, some of the main benefits of using Inositol\/Myo inositol supplements include the following: Lowers Cholesterol Levels – Along with Choline, studies have shown that Inositol helps reduce levels of blood cholesterol levels in humans and also in preventing the hardening of the arteries due to excessive cholesterol buildup.

For Alzheimers Disease & Anxiety – Some studies claim that Inositol helps in treating some of the symptoms associated with Alzheimers disease as Inositol has a calming effect on the nervous system of such patients. Aside from Alzheimers disease it may also treat individuals struggling with depression, nervousness and panic attacks. For Cancer – Few research has shown that patients suffering from breast cancer has significantly improved life and functional status after taking IP6 along with Inositol.

Similarly, those struggling with cancer of the lung due to heavy smoking may also advantage from taking Myo inositol supplements under proper medical guidance. For Treating Infertility & PCOS Related Symptoms In Women – Recent studies have shown that myo inositol supplements along with folic acid & melatonin are indeed effective for treating fertility related problems in women .